Project Meetings: To Succeed or Not to Succeed, that is the Question.

By CDCG Media No Comments on Project Meetings: To Succeed or Not to Succeed, that is the Question.

Recently CDCG President, Karen Davis, facilitated a meeting for an upcoming community project she is currently overseeing. The meeting involved a group of community and influential organizational leaders coming together in a collaborative effort to brainstorm on action strategies to be implemented within one of Atlanta’s growing communities.

Karen facilitated the meeting and effectively managed the group, reflecting the successful tips we read in an article covering the top reasons why some projects succeed and others do not. While the article mentioned 5 reasons, this group setting reminded us of 2 instantly: (1) project team task ownership and (2) proper planning. The importance of these two reasons alone are the foundation of a successful project.

Task ownership ensures that everyone is owning their assigned responsibility and working together within their own strengths to make the project successful. When it comes to proper planning, the project manager must be able to ensure there is adequate time for proper and effective planning to prevent jeopardizing the timeline of the project.

Witnessing our company President effortlessly implement these steps helped support the main point of the article. To learn more about the top 5 key reasons to ensure project success, follow the link and read Brian Egeland’s article, “5 Key Reasons Why some Projects Succeed and Some Don’t.”


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