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Curry Davis Consulting Group

Curry Davis Consulting Group is an Atlanta-based consulting firm focused on providing strategic and high-quality services to the philanthropic, non-profit, and public sector service provider community. We are known for our drive and commitment to providing quality service in high impact areas. We know it takes sustained focus to keep pace with changing needs, which is why our services come with an individualized touch and a passion for sustainable change. Our service expertise includes but is not limited to: large scale project management; program development; training and technical assistance; coalition building; and creating awareness campaigns.


Large Scale Project Development and Management

Curry Davis Consulting Group conducts and coordinates strategic planning and visioning sessions to help define the goals of the project by engaging all partners and stakeholders in the development and implementation process.

Training and Technical Assistance

Curry Davis Consulting Group provides technical assistance for our clients through project development and training services. We also provide evaluation and assessment services to guide course corrections.

Building Coalitions

Curry Davis Consulting Group helps clients identify stakeholders that have similar interest and project goals. We build collaborative partnerships and coordinate partner meetings that positively affect their shared interests.

Awareness Campaigns

Informing the community is the first and most powerful tool in raising awareness. Curry Davis Consulting Group connects clients with influential organizations and individuals necessary to have their cause, event or organization effectively recognized and marketed throughout the community.

Survey Development & Analysis

Curry Davis Consulting Group administers surveys, focus groups & other data collection instruments as well as summarize the data collected into simple and formal reports.

Project Research & Evaluation

Curry Davis Consulting Group determines and identifies the best strategies and processes to help your project improve implementation efforts and impact by researching best practices and conducting project evaluations.

Our clients range from nonprofits to government entities