About Us


Karen Davis serves as the President, CEO, & Principal Consultant for Curry Davis Consulting Group, where she successfully managed a $20.5 million stimulus project for United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta and the Department of Human Services which served 17,000 families. She’s also worked with major foundations & non-profits such as Annie E. Casey Foundation, Arthur M. Blank Foundation, Emerald Corridor Foundation, National Lighthouse Foundation, Morehouse Shiver Grant Institute, and Resources for Residents and Communities to name a few.

Since incorporating in 2007, Curry Davis Consulting Group has provided an array of services to clients such as the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta, where we managed a $20.5 million American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Initiative called Fresh Start and Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs (ACE), where we created and launched the Women Investing in Successful Entrepreneurs (WISE) Initiative and their signature Speed Coaching Event. Curry Davis Consulting Group is known for its drive and commitment to providing quality service in high impact areas. We know that it takes sustained focus to keep pace with changing needs, which is why our services come with a distinctive touch and a passion for sustainable change.

For us, excellence is a habit.

We are consistent in our implementation because we:


Planning involves envisioning the results the client wants to achieve and determining the steps necessary to arrive at the intended destination. By reviewing and identifying the needs and wants of a client, we can thoroughly execute a successful and impactful project.


Thorough execution is key to success. Execution is all about strategy and finding a logical set of connected activities, which enables us to make our client’s project work for the goals they wish to obtain. The way in which the project is implemented relies heavily upon our ability to make our strategy work. Being able to make a strategy work yields high returns for us and for our clients.


Through evaluation, we learn, acknowledge, and improve. By cultivating our strategies and methods​, ​we excel at constantly innovating and growing with the changing times. We acquire better insight to help our clients increase the potential of their projects and initiatives.