Effective & Efficient Project Management

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“No amount of effort is adequate, until proven effective” – Sybil C. Mobley


While this quote from Mobley may sound cliché, in the world of project management it is absolute certitude. Project managers are always expected to produce desirable results. The importance of having a reputation for producing results is further magnified by the fact that, in the world of project management, new clientele is usually acquired through word of mouth. Therefore, one of the best ways to solidify a stellar reputation is by learning the essentials of being an effective and efficient project manager.

Dhan Wagholikar, author of “6 Steps Approach to Effective Project Management”, believes project managers are expected to be efficient, for obvious reasons. However, it is when they learn to also be effective, they are distinguished from the rest. Effectiveness is the aptitude to produce the intended or expected result, while efficiency allows maximum performance with the least waste of time, effort and resources. In simpler terms, effectiveness is the act of doing things which gets one closer to the end goal(s) and efficiency is working towards that goal in the most economical manner. Being effective is about doing the right things, while being efficient is about doing things right.

Wagholikar states that before any quality production or project is initiated, the manager should lay a simple foundation, pinpointing various factors including: identifying stakeholders and beneficiaries, identifying expected benefits, and identifying metrics to define project success. Effective and efficient project management has its roots in simplicity. Keeping it simple makes it easy to understand.


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