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There is a self-empowerment book by T.D. Jakes where he defines the difference between being busy and being productive.  Most people believe the two are synonymous, but they are two very distinct terms.  Busy means being occupied with doing something.  Productive means producing goods or services.

Every job consists of “busy work”.  However, when most processes are analyzed, it becomes evident why certain tasks are necessary.  Tasks that are unnecessary are usually routine or being done out of habit.  These tasks usually are not needed to complete the process.  If the task is unnecessary, try having a conversation with a superior or project leader to talk about how the process could be done more efficiently.  Question the end goal and ask how the task plays a part in achieving it.  The goal is to be productive, efficient and effective, not busy, inept and ineffective.

Since time is a resource of which we have no control, it is important to make the most of it, especially in the world of project management.  For busy project managers who are required to balance multiple tasks and maneuver between projects, it is essential to get more done, in less time.  It is critical to remember that clients will judge a project’s success, not only by the achievement of goals, but also by how well project deadlines are met.

In the article entitled “7 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Project Managers”, Sylviane Nuccio provides tips that can be extremely useful in preventing project delays and effectively maximize time.  Three tips implemented at CDCG, which are also listed in this article, are 1) Continuous collaboration with team 2) Prioritizing Tasks and 3) Implementing resource planning software.  These three implementations have truly assisted the CDCG team in successfully completing projects and achieving goals in a timely manner.  Here at CDCG, we pride ourselves on staying busy, and being productive in the process.

To learn about the other four time-saving tips essential for busy project managers, read Sylviane Nuccio’s article, “7 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Project Managers”.

Article: http://www.sylvianenuccio.com/7-time-saving-tips-for-busy-project-managers/

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