Changing the Odds (2019) – The Annie E. Casey Foundation

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According to a new report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Atlanta simultaneously has one of America’s fastest-growing economies, while also leading the nation in income inequality. Changing the Odds: Progress and Promise in Atlanta examines the systemic inequities that prevent many of the city’s families of color from thriving, as well as innovative policies and approaches community leaders are using to create more equitable pathways to education, housing, income and careers.

Since 2001, the Annie E. Casey Foundation has been working with Atlanta’s Southside communities to transform high-poverty city neighborhoods and help low-income families and children succeed. While some progress is being made, the gap between Atlanta’s haves and have-nots remains immense.

This report — which is a follow-up to Casey’s Changing the Odds: The Race for Results in Atlanta — focuses on promising policies and approaches that, if enacted on a larger scale, could help dismantle the systemic barriers that have kept too many Atlantans of color from reaching their full potential.

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